Saint Chrysostom’s Contacts

Rector: Canon Ian Gomersall

                    Father Ian is also Area Dean of Ardwick, Honorary Chaplain
to Higher Education in Manchester and Honorary Canon of Manchester Cathedral

 Honorary Assistant Priest: Revd John Grant

                    Father John recently retired as a Hospital Chaplain.
He is also a Manchester City Councillor.

Assistant Priest: Revd Kim Wasey

                     Mother Kim Wasey is a non stipendiary minister licensed to the parish.

Curate: Revd Chris Hartley (Ordained Local Minister)

Chris Hartley was ordained priest in June 2011.

We have three lay assistants from our congregation who help with
pastoral and other work.
They are Edna George, Admos Chimhowu and Andrew Omakaro. All act as
Eucharistic ministers in the congregation. Edna assists with care of the sick
and housebound, Admos assists with work at the school, especially in
Munamato and Andrew helps with developing fellowship and has a special
care in welcoming people of ethnic minorities.